About | About Lexstone South West Construction Company
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We are a South West Construction Company.  We have a team of around 15 people working directly for Lexstone.  Lexstone was formed back in 2012 by its Directors with the help of a group of professionals who have worked in the construction industry for over 25 years forming Lexstone Construction.

We work along side a carefully selected Supply chain of sub-contractors to insure that we can deliver great results to our clients on any of our projects.  We work on everything from small-scale fit outs to New- Builds, Our strength comes from staying close to our customers and providing a range of services to suit all.


We recognize that for most clients a new or refurbished building is means to an end, not an end in itself.

Your building is there to improve the experiences of the people who use it: employees, customers or homeowners. On top of that it has to be sustainable, easy to live with and (ideally) distinctive.

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Because buildings are for people, that’s what drives our values:

  •  We keep our promises and act with integrity: trustworthy
  •  We consistently deliver quality, on time and to budget: reliable
  •  We support customers, our colleagues, communities and the environment: considerate
  •  We always try to find a better way of doing things: creative

A Shared Goal

Our aim is to be a distinctive construction company, by being customer-centric, creative and sustainable.

We’re part of a great industry that can make a huge difference to the quality of people’s lives. But within our industry we want to be distinctive, thanks to our people and the way we relate to our customers.

For Lexstone the road to becoming distinctive means becoming even more:

  • Customer-centric – measuring success by our customers’ perceptions not ours
  • Creative – in the way we approach every project
Modern Sunroom or conservatory extending into the garden, surrounded by a block paved patio
Interior and details of a small hotel reception.

Supply Chain

We see our supply chain as much more than just sub-contractors and suppliers. Our performance depends directly on them. So we make huge efforts to choose the right companies, and to maintain and improve our relationships with them over the long term.

What Drives Us

Delivering and constructing buildings on time and within budget for our clients.