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Extensions Bournemouth

Be proud of your home and make a lasting impression by adding an extension to your property. Our extensions in Bournemouth are the perfect arrangement when you want to create more space on your property. At Lexstone Construction, we have the creative minds and architectural facilities to extend your property.

Our Bournemouth property extensions services Extensions Bournemouth

Don’t relocate, extend instead. If space is the only reason you want to move, then wait and listen to our property solutions. Nowadays, you no longer have to find a new property when you want more freedom in your home.

Extensions are not only a valuable space-saving solution to on your property but are also an attractive architectural design for many prospective homeowners. By choosing our Bournemouth property extensions, you will be making an investment you won’t regret.

Be a pioneer of our Bournemouth extensions by letting us craft a bespoke extension for your property. Whether you want to transform your bungalow into a double story home or add a wrap-around side room to your building, we have the constructions skills to create anything you have envisioned.

Complete customisation

We give you the opportunity to design the perfect extension on your property. We take into consideration what you want from your new build, and construct the ideal extension regarding your requirements.

When you choose to add an extension on your property you have the ability to create the following in your new property development:

From floor plans to the construction

The foundations are the most important part of any extension plan. Without it, your new extension may never come to fruition, but with our design team, we will bring your vision to life.

We make sure each design is perfectly made-to-measure to fit your property. With an extensive site survey we ensure your extension will complement the structure and design scheme of your property. Once these designs have been made, our blueprints will then be approved by a fully qualified architect.

Why choose Lexstone Construction?

With a team of highly trained professionals, we guarantee that you’ll get the best results out of our property extensions. Bournemouth is host to one of the best construction companies in the business, Lexstone Construction. At Lexstone Construction, we have over 25 years’ experience of working in the industry and we know the architectural means to create a stunning property design

We would love to be a part of your property refurbishment and it is our goal to create the home you have always dreamed of, so don’t hesitate to contact at us.

Contact us

Get in touch with Lexstone Construction on 01202 611223 and create your new Bournemouth extension today.